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Strength in unity: Union members are paid more, have safer workplaces, and enjoy better working lives.

We are affiliated by 24 Unions locally across almost every industry in the region.

24 Unions

64,000+ members

We advocate for workers across the Hunter region, campaigning to ensure a better working life for all.

150+ years

Hunter Workers is one of the oldest continuous regional Trades Labour Councils in NSW.

Hunter Workers is committed to ensuring the needs and interests of workers are prioritised as the Hunter region’s economy and industry evolves and develops.

Hunter Workers welcomes plans to establish Hunter offshore wind energy industry, recognising this as a rare opportunity to establish a thriving economic future that benefits workers and their communities by:


  • Providing abundant quality jobs

  • Creating rich career transition opportunities

  • Developing widespread economic growth and opportunity

  • Allowing us to meet energy needs while reducing carbon emissions

Wind Turbines

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