Fire Brigade Employee’s Union (FBEU)


The Fire Brigade Employee’s Union (FBEU) was formed in an era when a number of important unions were established. Workers in Australia came to realise that their only hope of achieving better quality of life was by joining together in an association representative of their common interests.


Since 1910, the Fire Brigade Employees Union (FBEU) has represented the interests of professional firefighters in NSW, both permanent and retained.

Should you require assistance in any matter, ranging from pay problems to unfair dismissal, the FBEU can represent you in a number of different forums including: - -negotiations with management, disciplinary hearings, the Worker’s Compensation Court & the Industrial Relations Commission. The FBEU has a solid financial base and is able to afford the highest level of support to its members.

The FBEU is the only organisation for firefighters which can advance and protect your wages and conditions. To have a say in the negotiation of such issues, it is important to become a Union member.