The Australian Meat Industry Employee's Union (AMIEU) represents workers employed in meat processing (abattoirs), poultry processing, boning rooms, retail and supermarket meat rooms, smallgoods, cold storage and dairy. The AMIEU covers a wide range of professions associated with these industries. The Newcastle Northern Constitution of the AMIEU covers all work in connection with:

  • The butchering and meat industry;

  • Any kindred industry handling the products of the meat industry;

  • Meat, game and rabbit canning preserving works;

  • Fish preserving work;

  • The handling and treating of the by-products, edible and non edible of the meat industry;

  • Freezing, refrigerating, ice or cold storage works or chambers;

  • The killing and dressing of poultry;

It also covers:

  • Whole milk receival and treatment plants other than plants which receive, treat and retail milk only;

  • Condensed, dried, malted milk and/or casein factories, (other than factories exclusively manufacturing malted milk) and factories manufacturing similar products;

  • Butter, cheese and/or bacon factories;

  • Small goods manufacturies;

  • The pulping and/or drying of eggs;

  • Piggeries at or in connection with abattoirs, meatworks and/or slaughterhouse;

  • The receiving, yarding and drafting of stock at saleyards and the delivery of stock therefrom

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