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Should I join a Union?

What is a Union?

A Union is a collective organisation formed by workers to represent and protect their interests in the workplace and in the community.


Unions bargain for better pay and conditions, provide representation at work, provide support for individual workers, and engage in political campaigns that improve the working lives of all Australians.  

What is a Union?

Should I join a Union?

Yes, you should join a Union if you want a better working life.

Union members earn 32% more than non-members, according to the ABS, and workforces with higher numbers of Union members are paid more than those with low membership density. 

Research consistently shows Union members are safer at work, with Unionised workforces 70% more likely to obey health and safety standards according to Safe at Work.

Your Union is there for you when you're facing a dispute like bullying, harassment, or unfair dismissal. 

If you want to enjoy better pay, conditions, safety, and support at work, you need to join your Union. Join your Union now

My employer says I can't join?

My employer says I can’t join the Union, is that true? 

No. Every Australian worker, including casual workers, has the legally protected right to join a union. Your membership is between you and your union, and you are under no obligation to disclose this to anyone.

How much are Union dues?

How much are Union dues?

Union dues, the cost of your membership, differ depending on the Union and your work arrangement. You'll need to go to your Union for more information, or you can call the Australian Unions Helpline on 1300 486 466.

With inclusivity in mind, many Unions will provide custom or scaled fees depending on your situation. Union dues are also 100% tax-deductible.

What if I'm the only Union member?

What if I am the only person in my workplace to belong to a Union?

Even if few people in your workforce are Union members, you will still be advantaged by belonging to your Union. 

Unions can provide you with special services such as free or discounted legal advice. 

You can also access free advice regarding your wage entitlements and other benefits available you. 


If you are ever made redundant at work, your Union will ensure you are compensated.


Have more questions? Call the Australian Unions Helpline: 1300 486 466

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