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Committed to Strength in Unity

Hunter Workers, formerly known as the Newcastle Trades Hall Council, is the overall representative body that acts on behalf of all affiliated Unions in the Hunter region, uniting 64,000+ workers across 24 Unions.


We facilitate communication to foster solidarity and increase capacity for positive change in the community, improving the lives of workers. 

Hunter Workers is committed to ensuring the needs and interests of workers are prioritised as the Hunter region’s economy and industry evolves and develops.

Our History

Established in 1869, Hunter Workers is one of the region’s largest community organisations and has been central in the Hunter region’s impressive history of Union participation and activism. 

From the discovery of coal seams and the industrial expansion of earlier colonisation in the Hunter, the Trades Hall was established during the struggle for shorter working hours by local workers to combine the strength and capacity of our early Unions and improve working conditions, wages and living standards.


Throughout Australia’s history, we have fought for the right of Australians to receive decent wages, fairer working hours, and a safe and secure work environment. Many of Australia’s most valued workplace conditions are sustained by the efforts of our hardworking activists.

The first Newcastle Trades Hall in 1895

The first Newcastle Trades Hall in 1895

Hunter workers marching in front of today's Hunter Unions Building

Hunter Workers marching in front of today's Hunter Unions Building

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