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Women in the Hunter paid 40% less than men, says WGEA

27 Oct 2022


Women in the Hunter region are being paid up to $60,000 a year less on average to men, according to new research from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

These findings highlight the urgent need for Labor’s workplace relations bill, announced today, that will include measures to target the gender pay gap.

WGEA found that the main driver for the wide pay gap was the concentration of men in high paying industries, like mining and manufacturing, and the concentration of women in lower paying industries, like healthcare and social assistance.

This research sheds light on the need to understand and alleviate challenges that prevent women from accessing high paying occupations.

It also highlights the need for care sector role renumeration to more accurately reflect the true value of feminised work.

Quotes by Leanne Holmes, Chair of Hunter Workers Women’s Committee:

“The shocking results of this report are evidence that we have a long way to go until achieving gender pay equality in Australia.

Though the data explains why women are being paid less, it does not justify it.

We need to better support the aspirations of women who wish to enter high paying, male dominated industries.

It’s also imperative we undergo policy change that will allow these industries to be safer for women, given that female workers experience higher levels of gender-based violence and discrimination in these sectors.

Hunter Workers welcomes Labor’s industrial relations bill and its well-needed updates to workplace laws that will progress equity and equality.”

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