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Wage increases for workers takes effect July 1

30 June 2023


Nearly 3 million workers in Australia who rely on awards or receive the minimum wage will receive a well-deserved boost in their earnings this week following the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review decision coming into effect.

Effective July 1, the minimum wage will rise from $21.38 per hour to $23.23, or from $812.60 to $882.80 a week.

Award wage workers will see their wages increase by 5.75%. A 15% pay raise for aged care workers will also take effect.

Workers are advised to review their pay slips and ensure that they receive the appropriate increase in wages as of their first full pay period following the 1st, and encouraged to reach out to their Union representatives if they encounter any issues or concerns.

These wage increases highlight the crucial role of Unions in advocating for fair compensation. The Union movement campaigned tirelessly to secure these wage hikes, ensuring workers receive fair and equitable pay increases that address the rising challenges of inflation and the increasing cost of living.

Leigh Shears, Hunter Workers Secretary:

“Australian workers would have seen their real wages decline by thousands of dollars this year if business lobby groups had their way, but the Union movement’s tireless advocacy has safeguarded Australian workers from the erosion of their wages.

Only as a collective can workers demand our fair share.”

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