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Unions win fight for 10 days paid domestic violence leave

27 July 2022


After a decade of campaigning by Unions, the Albanese government has today introduced legislation that will award 11 million workers the right to 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave.

The introduction of this entitlement will save countless lives as maintaining income and stability greatly increases the chances of a survivor successfully escaping an abusive situation.

Domestic violence is one of the only types of crime that has continued to increase across Australia according to data released earlier this year by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.

Over the pandemic millions of Australians shifted to remote working and continue to engage in this type of work, bringing their workplaces into their homes and increasing their risk for family violence.

Analysis from the Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute has found the cost to employers will be largely or completely offset by benefits including reduced turnover and improved productivity.

Leigh Shears, Hunter Workers Secretary:

“Thanks to the tireless campaigning and power of Unions, all Australian workers will now have access to this life saving entitlement.

We thank and congratulate the activists and Unionists who have fought years for paid domestic violence leave, including Hunter Workers Women’s Committee, Hunter Domestic Violence Committee, the UoN Gender Research Network, and local charity Got Your Back Sista.”

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