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Hunter Workers supports striking NSW rail workers

22 Aug 2022


NSW RTBU rail workers will suspend train services tomorrow between 10 am and 4 pm on the Newcastle line as part of ongoing industrial action in a fight to improve passenger safety across the network and a fair enterprise agreement.

By refusing to negotiate in good faith, the NSW Liberal government has left the general public exposed, leaving rail workers with no choice but to continue the action.

Hunter Workers supports RTBU members in their struggle and condemns the NSW government for digging their heels in negotiations.

Since the previous enterprise agreement expired last May, the NSW government has undertaken an aggressive campaign to reduce the conditions of workers as well as blaming the union for disruptions intentionally caused by the Government.

Leigh Shears, Hunter Workers Secretary:

“The NSW Liberal government could easily put an end to these disruptions by coming to the table and listening to the legitimate concerns of rail workers, but they’re more concerned with smearing the RTBU’s reputation than the safety of commuters and the wellbeing of public sector workers.

Transport workers put their lives on the line working through the pandemic and play a vital role in the functioning of our society every single day. Public safety should be the NSW government’s top priority while adequately consulting workers on safety and suitable renumeration and conditions.”

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