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Hunter Workers launch website to fight offshore wind disinformation

29 Nov 2023


In response to a surge of misinformation surrounding Hunter offshore wind, Hunter Workers has unveiled a new website today designed to set the record straight on key aspects of the offshore wind project, providing accessible information, dispelling false claims, and promoting informed dialogue., built with the primary aim of fostering informed and productive community involvement, allows workers to keep up to date on news, community forums and events.

The website follows the publication and distribution of an information flyer by Hunter Workers earlier this month.

Quotes by Leigh Shears, Hunter Workers Secretary: “Hunter Workers is committed to ensuring the interests and needs of workers are prioritised as the region’s economy and industry evolves into the future, which is why we are leading the campaign for Hunter offshore wind. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in front of us to develop a thriving, prosperous local economy that benefits our working communities.

Unfortunately, the Coalition is attempting to derail this opportunity in a bid to win votes and to further their dangerous nuclear aspirations, and they are doing this by promoting false narratives and stoking division and fear. We encourage Hunter workers to check out the website and sign up to stay informed.”

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