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Festive season, price hikes, and staff shortages set to spike retail abuse

12 Dec 2022


With Christmas now less than two weeks away, Hunter Workers is urging shoppers to be respectful of retail staff and other workers this Christmas season, as widespread staff shortages and price rises are expected to trigger increased abuse against workers.

Retail workers will be working harder than ever and taking on heavily increased workloads amid staff shortages that are being exacerbated by the peak of COVID cases in the region.

Employers have a legal obligation to keep employees safe at work, which can include taking actions such as removing or permanently banning customers.

Quotes by Leigh Shears, Hunter Workers Secretary:

“We expect shoppers will be under considerable stress this Christmas, but it’s never okay to take it out on workers. It’s completely inappropriate and unacceptable.

No one deserves a serve. Retail workers aren’t responsible for price hikes, and they work as hard as they possibly can under immense pressure. We urge shoppers to be kind to all workers this festive season.

We remind workers that their employer has a legal obligation to keep them safe at work, and to contact your Union if these steps aren’t being adequately taken.”

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