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10 days domestic violence leave now available to all employees

1 Aug 2023


All full-time, part-time, and casual employees now have the right to access 10 days paid family and domestic leave, as of Tuesday, August 1st.

Though the entitlement took effect earlier this year, many workers had to wait until now to gain access due to small businesses being granted an additional six months to adjust to the changes.

It’s estimated one in five women have taken time off due to violence from a partner, with the average total cost of leaving an abusive relationship adding up to $18,000.

Yet up until this year, workers were entitled to just five unpaid days of leave to deal with the impacts of family and domestic violence.

The Union movement campaigned over a decade for the introduction of paid FDV leave but finally won this life-saving entitlement for workers a year ago following the election of the Albanese Labor government.

Leigh Shears, Hunter Workers Secretary:
“Finally, the full provision of this leave means workers will no longer have to choose between their job and protecting the safety of themselves and their families.

This achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication and efforts of Union members who fought for these entitlements.

ASU members who work in the domestic violence community sector were especially instrumental in this success, since launching their campaign We Won’t Wait in 2014.”

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