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Hunter Workers condemns Svitzer lock out plan

15 Nov 2022


Hunter Workers condemns Svitzer Towage notification of an indefinite lock out of Tug Boat workers from 12pm Friday 18th November.

These actions demonstrate employer militancy and an abuse of power that exemplifies the flaw’s in our industrial relations laws.

Svitzer workers have continued to work, providing an essential service, moving goods, in and out of our ports throughout the global pandemic and natural disasters.

Working under an expired agreement, Svitzer workers last received a pay increase in January 2019 of 1.5%.
Svitzer has refused to negotiate with workers since October only to focus on a Fair Work Commission hearing set for December it seems, where Svitzer will seek approval to cancel the Collective Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

The MUA and their members have remained committed to constructive bargaining.

Hunter Workers calls on Svitzer Towage to rescind their decision to lock out workers and constructively negotiate a Collective Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

Svitzer Tug Boat workers stand ready and available to continue their work.

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