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When it comes to the issues that matter for working people, Scott Morrison has been missing in action.

From keeping people safe during the pandemic to wage rises, respect for women to job security, he has either done nothing, blamed others, or made the problem worse.

Real Wage Cuts

Under Morrison, the cost of living is outpacing wage growth. In the first 6 months of 2022, Australians will be $2000 worse off. Despite this, Morrison opposes a $1 dollar an hour rise for minimum wage workers.

Cost of Living Crisis

You can't fix the cost of living crisis without lifting wage. The cost of living has gone up 5.1%, the worst increase in years.

Secure Jobs

Big business has more power than ever to force workers into unstable, insecure jobs. Morrison has made it easier, impacting one in four workers in Australia.

Same Job, Same Pay

Not only did Morrison block the "Same Job, Same Pay" bill, he legalised the dodgy permanent-casual model that sees workers lose out on pay and entitlements.

Working Women

Women in Australia are less safe, and less economically secure under Morrison. Under the Liberals, Australia has slipped from 24th to 50th place in the world for women’s equality - our worst result ever.


Anti-Corruption Watchdog

Another three years have gone by with no action on an independent anti-corruption commission.

Aged Care

Missing in action on royal commission recommendations and raising wages of aged care workers.

Rapid Antigen Tests

Didn't order enough of them and refused to make them free and accessible.


Late in providing flood assistance, refused to meet with victims. Went to Hawaii while the country burned.